New Year New Intentions //

The first few weeks of a new year always make me incredibly grateful and reflective and I think it's nice to set good intentions from the beginning.

2017 had its ups and downs in both my personal life and in business. At times I felt like I was dragging myself around with little to no energy at all, and definately no time to run a business whilst still holding down another fulltime job. Although 2017 didn't go quite to plan I am so damn excited for all the opportunities coming my way and for what this year will bring! There's such a beautiful element of the unknown and seeing what will unfold in the months to come naturally.

SO with this new year already 26 days down, I’ve setup Rose Dawn Creative for the next 12 months with the following intentions:

  • Be kind always
  • Appreciate every opportunity
  • Dont be concerned about competitors
  • Fail forward and fail fast (don't dwell on mistakes just keep going)
  • Find calm in the midst of chaos
  • Face things/ tasks straight away (answering all those emails)
  • Be comfortable in the uncomfortable
  • Make others Happy


"The noblest art is that of making others happy." -P.T. Barnum


Aint that the truth! I just watched the greatest showman and fell in love with this quote, it has been on my mind ever since. Out of all of my intentions making my brides happy is the most important to me and ultimately what I want to achieve every time I create something.

What are your intentions for the year to come? I’d love to know where all of your heads are at, what are the challenges you’re facing, what do you want to overcome? Personal, business, whatever.


Happy New year to you all, I hope this next 12 months brings all the love, joy and happiness you could ask for. Oh and flowers lots of flowers.  X